This Solitary Creation

by Blidvinter

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Debut EP of BLIDVINTER. All instruments and vocals are performed by Joakim Lundbäck.


released December 3, 2015

Artwork by Patrik Hjelm / Unidcolor @ Deviantart



all rights reserved


Blidvinter Sweden

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Track Name: Husk
Your cause was bound to be monumental.
With the voyage at an end
The storm has cleared,
Your demons are no more.
I keep telling myself
Everything will be alright for me.

As the final revelation was revealed
Something shattered within.
I had been driven so long,
By a single notion,
But there really was no truth to be found.
This was our solitary creation.

I was burdened by a sight for pale eyes
Bound by an ineloquent certainty
Of things greater than my own.
Taken out of breath by the things-
By the things I have seen.
Lost the faith in all I had,
Thus was the need to weave a dream born,
But if I could have another go,
I wouldn't change a thing.

The truth was so much more unsettling
Than your eyes, as you cried.
Ran from your most darkened clouds
To keep you away from my own.
I lost all I never had.
No, the rain won't stop here,
Just keep walking home.

What I witnessed in those eyes was sheer terror.
As I watched the sky and the moon turn into one,
Vivid images of a life that never came to be,
A single notion that there would be more to life than this,
Than this loveless husk;
A shell waiting to be filled up with hopes and dreams.

Don't make me walk this path alone,
I couldn't stand to bear the sight by my own.
Don't make me walk this path alone.
Don't make me walk this path alone,
My world is burning.
I'll fly away, in lies.
Track Name: Isthmus
Cast the fire from the open sea,
Stumble through the motion of the spirit,
Pathway lit and clear through the night.
The horizon holds the map,
Something so wrong by default,
Your journey has only just begun.

Was this really the place where you wanted to belong?
The breeze intensifies as you falter every step of the way.
I will grant you the strength to carry on from here.

Tread the waters strong,
Where the lines cannot fade.
Fear the further of the mile..
Sulk mother's eyes with joy now soar,
But why are we still here,
When we should be on the move right now?

The horizon changes every time I look upon the source,
There is something deep within me now.
Paint my back and show the way.

I seek the horizon morning until sleep..
Track Name: This Solitary Creation
Darkness locked away,
Caught in an endless mizmaze of dark romance
So much more beautiful
Than any superstition can allow.

The stage is set in our minds,
But who are we to share with,
A window into solitary creation?
The thought may haunt a mind for a while
As is creation lost to wander aimlessly,

The canvas is filled,
No one would ever hope to dream up
Thoughts like riddles of these,
Or hope to decipher.

Dance of disdain, mere movement
Sweeping across empty floor.
But in the heart of mere imagery that still draws breath;
Through the birth of a universe we may find our rest.

Suddenly you will find yourself lost
In a place laden with dark memories,
Light cannot reach here anymore.
Though the sunset used to grant a beautiful mirage
For those lost so long ago.

Don't be afraid,
No one really knows what happens here anymore,
But I wish we could stay here forever.